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  • About Us

    About Us

    ARTS Rx / NYC CREATIVE ARTS THERAPY, PLLC is an established New York licensed group behavioral health practice with a demonstrated record of facilitating effective and quality oriented mental health services for the last 12 years since our inception in 2011. Our main office is located in midtown manhattan and we partner with various nonprofit agencies such as shelters, suicide prevention programs, domestic violence centers and foster care agencies throughout the 5 boroughs of the New York City area. The ARTS Rx program offers children, adolescents and adults a wide range of skill based, social, and psychotherapeutic treatment experiences in the individual and group setting. Our practice is committed to providing high standard, culturally competent and individualized care.


    What Makes Us So Different ?

    Our focus is in treating individuals including but not limited to: artists, musicians, actors, dancers, designers, writers and other creative minded individuals experiencing creative blocks, life transitions, stress and relationship issues. Our practice is rooted in the theorist Abraham Maslow’s belief that every human being has the inherent right and need “to become everything one is capable of becoming.”


    ARTS Rx is the only NY LCAT Group Private Practice in Manhattan that is an in network provider with a number of managed care organizations for more than 80% of the population we serve. We service a total of  200 clients each week through our individual and group programming which means we provide a total of 7,680 behavioral health sessions each year. We believe that vast strides and insight can be achieved within the safe and non judgmental space established between therapist and client. In turn our goal is to empower the individuals we serve to better understand and manage their own challenges, develop more effective coping skills and improve social and emotional functioning.


    Our Approach Is Multi-Modal

    The ARTS Rx program offers a multi-modal approach that combines traditional verbal psychotherapy techniques, mindfulness, cognitive behavioral tools, distress tolerance skills, along with practical play based and creative arts experiences through the modalities of art therapy, music therapy, drama therapy, and dance/movement therapy. We employ evidence based interventions as well as a systematic approach to address treatment goals such as:


    -Social Skills
    -Coping Skills
    -Affect Regulation
    -Behavior Management
    -Attention Span
    -Self Esteem
    -Relapse Prevention
    -Wellness & Recovery