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  • Dance Movement Therapy

    What Is Dance Movement Therapy?

    Dance movement therapy (DMT) is a psychotherapy approach that uses dance and movement to enhance physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being. Conducted by trained and board-certified dance movement therapists, this approach helps a wide range of clients explore and process mental health struggles, including anxiety, depression, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

    Is DMT An Effective Method?

    Movement has a way of lifting our mood and helping us become more aware of our bodies. Since the 1940s, dance has been used therapeutically by encouraging a more conscious, connected relationship with the body. This is crucial for identifying the physical symptoms that are the result of stress and trauma, allowing clients to create new outlets for their emotions.

    As an approach that promotes self-exploration and self-esteem, dance movement therapy has been shown to be particularly effective for clients with depression and anxiety. Yet its effectiveness goes beyond mood disorders—according to research, DMT increases pro-social behaviors, improves memory, and is a safe, non-threatening intervention for individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

    How Does Dance Movement Therapy Work?

    When we feel anxious and vulnerable, it can be difficult to verbalize our feelings. Trauma creates fear, shame, and emotional blockages that keep us from voicing our experiences, and often, words can’t adequately capture thoughts and emotions. By incorporating dance, music, and movement into the therapy space, clients are given an unintimidating, accessible way to process and explore.

    A dance movement therapist creates a safe, regulated environment while empowering clients to establish a new sense of control over their minds, bodies, and emotions. Especially in cases where the predominant feeling is overwhelm, movement has the ability to immediately reduce stress by releasing endorphins.

    In the long term, DMT encourages stress reduction through lasting grounding techniques and a deeper sense of mind-body connection. Beyond offering a more profound sense of awareness, this approach can be meaningful for fostering healthy body image. In essence, joyful, rhythmic movement is often highly effective in counteracting adverse mental health symptoms.

    DMT Is One Of The Many Creative Arts Therapies We Use At Our Practice

    At ARTS Rx, we welcome clients of all ages and abilities to the therapy space, where creative, movement-based modalities foster healing and growth. Since 2011, we’ve been pleased to have trained, board-certified dance movement therapists on our team who use DMT to transform the lives of our clients.

    We tailor treatment to the individual and regularly assess clients’ progress based on their goals they co-create with their therapist. Movement is a vital element of this approach and to the therapeutic process as a whole, and we aim to honor our clients’ evolving skills, perspectives, and needs.

    Find New, Healthy Outlets For Your Emotions

    Dance movement therapy offers a creative, nonverbal environment where you can process fear, anxiety, trauma, and other mental health concerns. For further information about DMT or to find out more about how our therapists can help, contact us.