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  • Alexandra Xifaras, (Ally)

    Alexandra Xifaras, (Ally)

    Alexandra Xifaras, (Ally) MPS, LCAT, Creative Arts Psychotherapist, Ally obtained her Master’s Degree in Art Therapy and Creative Development from Pratt Institute. She has experience supporting individuals facing a variety of psychological, emotional, behavioral and physical challenges involving the areas of trauma, depression, anxiety, stress management, grief, autism spectrum, and medical illness. Ally uses a holistic client centered approach that integrates the creative process with evidence based practices such as Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Trauma Focused CBT to provide high quality treatment. She believes that self-actualization is the overarching goal of therapy and that each individual is best capable of navigating their own challenges when given the right knowledge, tools and resources. Alexandra strives to empower her clients by creating a therapeutic space that is collaborative where the client plays an active role in their treatment.